• Discounted price. Up to 10% off for all pre-orders. 
  • Boxes with best condition go out first to our best Collectors.
  • Guaranteed to fulfill. As long as orders placed before the P/O date. We will fulfill. (Cancellation might happen due to manufacturer or unforeseen incidents)
  • No delays. We will ship out any pre-orders once they become available, even if you pre-order multiple items under the same order number. 
  • Low Price Guarantee. If the price drops on our site at any time during the pre-order period, you will receive a store credit for the difference.



    You can cancel your pre-order within 30 days after order placed. A 10% Cancellation fee will be applied. Cancellation due to manufacturers or unforeseen incidents, A full refund will be issued immediately. And we are sorry if that happens.


    Estimated shipping time:

    You can find those estimated shipping times in the items' description. We do not have a specific date because most of the manufacturers do not tell us that neither. And please keep in mind, this is a "estimated" time. the actual shipping time might be earlier or much later.  Especially, during the pandemic time, delay is very often occurred. Once your order is actually shipped, you will receive an email notification with a tracking number.



    We do ask that the customers pay in full at the time of order. So, yes, pre-orders are charged immediately during checkout.